Brought together by serendipity and gifted with the sight to see the necessity of and place for variety, a surging creativity has always fueled these talented, similarly-minded musicians. Armed with his own arsenal of growls, high-pitched screams, and melodic clean vocals, founding DIVINITY member and lead singer Sean Jenkins had successfully overseen the amalgamation of multiple genres: a crushing thrash attitude with complex progressive metal arrangements and brutal death metal overtones. The resulting compositions are devastating. The poise of each song's shifting time signatures and their unpredictable rhythmic insanities alone will easily qualify DIVINITY's first album, Allegory, as one of the more memorable aural assaults of 2007.

Just 4 months after releasing Allegory independently, the band was approached by major label, Nuclear Blast Records, with a record deal offer already on the table. DIVINITY was about to take a huge leap into the world wide heavy metal scene and called a lawyer and jumped in head first. This period was a very exciting and eye-opening experience in countless ways for the band. The guys were now talking with all kinds of major players in many different facets of the music industry. Releasing music videos, doing interviews with people from around the world, talking to booking agents, band managers, entertainment lawyers, the list went on and on for the numerous amazing things happening for DIVINITY. A huge learning curve also became apparent along with an even bigger struggle to find financial support to run the ever growing business side of things.

The band percevered and managed to jump on one of the greatest Death Metal festival tours, Summer Slaughter Canada, in 2008 featuring Necrophagist and Dying Fetus as headliners. These were some of the most memorable and most exciting shows to date. Things were really heating up for the band and they knew it was time to get back in the studio and pump out another great record to keep the momentum going.

In 2009, DIVINITY hit the studio and started to create their follow up full-length album, The Singularity. The band and Nuclear Blast parted ways but was able to work out a new record deal with UK based label, Candlelight Reocrds, for the new album.

Featuring guest death vocals by long-time friend and past bass player, Jeff Waite, and harmony vocals by Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster (Every Hour Kills), The Singularity's intricate riffs, plunging grooves, and melodic passages can carry you through the expansive landscape of the soul. Lyrically tackling the themes of substance abuse, the turmoil of relationships, survival in the midst of adversity, the chaos of existence and humanity's battle against technology, Jenkins explores the parameters of the human voice while capable shredders James Duncan and Sacha Laskow weave their unyielding riffs and solos throughout as the rhythm section of Brett Duncan and Nick Foster aptly demonstrates a very feral meticulousness. 'Transformation', 'Beg to Consume', and 'Emergent' all exhibit DIVINITY's dynamic and ferocious range.