Position In Band

Bass Guitar

Musical Influences

Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Mayer, David Gilmore, Robert Trulillo, Les Claypool, Stu Hamm. 

Favorite Bands

Soilwork, Gorjira, All That Remains, Yngwie Malmsteen, Opeth, Sylosis, Metallica, Tool, 2pac.  

Other Hobbies

Making music, Cooking delicious food for my Wife, Gym, Game Of Thrones and anything Marvel/DC.  

Musical Background

I learned to play music from my father, who was a flamenco guitarist, he taught me all the basics need to progress as a self taught musician. I started guitar young, learning everything I could, yngwie, primus, Satriani, buckethead, Vai. I found myself writing more then learning, so started playing bass to write bass lines then looking at the greats to pull influence from them. Bands I've played in around Calgary; We found the body, Brimstone Rise, Archelaos, The Archon Prophecy.