We're stoked to announce the addition of a 2nd guitarist to our line-up - Gord Olson! Gord is a dedicated and talented 7-string shredder who is endorsed by Schecter Guitars and is also currently active in numerous projects such as Calgary act Ye Goat-Herd Gods, and Demisery, a death metal collaboration with Keith Merrow of Alluvial and Conquering Dystopia.

Sean Jenkins, singer in the band said,

“The band had originally asked Gord to join the band about 4 years ago but the timing and commitment was not able to work out. Recently, about 2 months ago, Gord was hanging out at a jam session and by the end of it we all sort of realized that the opportunity for Gord to learn some songs and start jamming was now possible. Gord really took bull by the horns and has learned a 10-song live set in a matter of just weeks… and he's nailing it; really adding another huge layer of thickness and some killer leads too! We couldn't be more stoked to have dual guitarists again!”

Take a look at Gord's Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/Prayfordarkness

Gord James Schecter2